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The Heatguard® 145 is a compact Thermostatic Mixing Valve that mixes hot water with cold to deliver tempered water at a constant temperature.

The Heatguard® 145 is specifically intended for use in conjunction with individual faucets and electronic sensor faucets.

The Heatguard® 145 is a compact, high specification product incorporating the latest in Thermostatic Technology. It features a robust design based on the expertise gained from years of experience in the design and manufacture of safety valves. Every valve is tested for performance on an automated testing station during the assembly process. The valve is third-party listed for individual point-of-use applications.

The Heatguard® 145 features a rapid response thermostatic element for superior control. The thermostatic element senses the outlet water temperature and reacts to maintain a constant delivery temperature even under changing flows or variations in supply temperatures or pressures. It provides stable operation at flow rates as low as 0.34 gpm (1.3 l/min). The valve also reduces the outlet flow to a trickle in the event of a cold water supply failure.

The Heatguard® 145 features a snap-on cover over a spindle mechanism that requires a special tool to adjust the temperature. The special tool is provided with each valve.

The Heatguard® 145 has inlet connections to suit a 3/8" flexible hose connector or a compression connection to 3/8" OD tube. Also available with cold water bypass and elbow insert fittings. Supplied standard with integral check valves on both inlets to prevent cross-flow.

Unit of Measure


N/A Thermostatic Mixing Valves

Connection Type

N/A Compression


N/A 3/8

Operating Temperature [Min]

N/A 35 ºC95 ºF

Operating Temperature [Max]

N/A 48 ºC118 ºF

Operating Pressure [Max]

N/A 230 psi

Flow Rate Minimum

N/A 0.34 gpm (1.3L/min)

Flow Rate Maximum

N/A 5.8 gpm (22L/min)

Factory Set Temperature Range

N/A 104 - 110 ºF (40 - 43.3 ºC)

Hot Temperature Supply Range

N/A 120 - 194 ºF (48.9 - 90 ºC)

Cold Temperature Supply Range

N/A 39 - 85 ºF (3.9 - 30 ºC)

Overall Length

N/A 3.78 in99.94 mm

Overall Height

N/A 4.22 in107.07 mm

Body Material

N/A Bronze

Springs Material

N/A Stainless Steel

Internal Cap Material

N/A Brass

Piston Material

N/A Engineered Polymer

Guide Tube Material

N/A Noryl GFN2

Features and Benefits

N/A Compact design: Easily fits under or behind a single basin. Accurate temperature control with flows as low as 0.34 gpm (1.3 l/min): Increased user comfort and convenience, (especially with sensor faucets). Robust, low complexity construction: Superior reliability, improved user safety. Total flow shut-off if cold supply fails: Greater end user safety. Listed by IAPMO, CSA, and ASSE: Inspector friendly, peace of mind! Use with SharkBite®: Easily connect to the riser with SharkBite® 1/4” fittings and stops.


N/A A Temperature Actuated Mixing Valve shall be installed at single point-of-use fixture to deliver hot water at a controlled temperature. The valve shall be certified to ASSE 1070 and CSA B 125.3 standards and third party listed. The temperature actuated mixing valve shall control the delivered water temperature via a regulating piston made from engineered polymer. The valve should have check valves at both inlets to prevent cross flow from hot to cold. The adjusting mechanism shall be protected by a snap-on cover. The valve shall be a Cash Acme Heatguard® 145 LF.

Typical Installation

N/A The Heatguard® 145 is a high performance thermostatic mixing valve designed to deliver mixed water to a single outlet. It can also be used to supply sensor faucets or two handle manual faucets.


N/A The Cash Acme Heatguard® 145 LF is certified to ASSE 1070, CSA B125.3, NSF 372, and listed by ASSE, CSA, and IAPMO for use in accordance with U.S. and Canadian plumbing codes.
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