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The Multi-Cartridge EB-25 from Cash Acme brings state-of-the-art water control technology to pressure regulators. The accurate flow control and pressure regulation of the Multi-Cartridge eliminates the need for costly two valve installations like the parallel PRV configuration. The Multi-Cartridge design has a convenient orange pressure adjustment twist-cap and numerical indicator that allows for quick adjustment of water pressure. The state-of-the art single piece cartridge design makes servicing the valve fast and easy.

The Multi-Cartridge is a lead-free* product designed to service commercial and institutional (domestic) water installations that experience wide variation in water demand. Multi-Cartridge EB-25 is available in 2-½" to 4" sizes. The 2-½" and 3" valves are available with threaded and ASME B16.24 CL150 flanged inlet and outlet. The 4" valve is available with ASME B16.24 CL150 flanged inlet and outlet. The valves are factory set - Cartridge 1: 55 psi; Cartridge 2: 50 psi; and Cartridge 3: 45 psi.

Unit of Measure


N/A Pressure Regulator

Connection Type

N/A Threaded NPT


N/A 2 1/2"

Operating Temperature [Min]

N/A 0 ºF

Operating Temperature [Max]

N/A 180 ºF

Operating Pressure [Min]

N/A 20 psi

Operating Pressure [Max]

N/A 90 psi


N/A Canada USA

Overall Length

N/A 13.37 in

Overall Height

N/A 9.69 in


N/A 7.5 in


N/A 2.19 in

Body Material

N/A Lead-Free Bronze

Spring Chamfer Material

N/A Nylon

Spring Material

N/A Steel (zinc plated)

Pressure Plate Material

N/A Steel (zinc plated)

Diaphragm Material


Body Seat Material

N/A Polysulphone

Seat Disc Material


Piston Material

N/A Stainless/lead-free brass

Strainer Screen Material

N/A Stainless steel

Features and Benefits

N/A Multi-Cartridge Design: Eliminates the need to install multiple PRVs in parallel. Convenient orange twist-cap eliminates need for wrench adjustment, numerical indicator shows the pressure without the need for a gauge: Easy to adjust pressure set! Single piece cartridges can be removed with valve body remaining in place: Service all the parts quicker and easier! By-pass mechanism integral with the cartridge: No add-on or small parts, longer life and more reliable performance. Cutting-edge design and production incorporates “micro-fingers” that dissipate noise due to water flow across the seat: Quieter installation. Every valve is tested for performance prior to shipping: Specify and install with confidence. Regulates pressure at various levels of water demand: Accurate flow control. Assembled and tested in the USA: Prepared in our manufacturing plant in Cullman, Alabama.


N/A A pressure regulator valve shall be installed to reduce high supplies of incoming water pressure. The valve shall be three cartridges with a pre-set numerical indicator and microfingers for noise dissipation. The valve shall be a Cash Acme Multi-Cartridge EB-25 Pressure Regulator.

Typical Installation

N/A The Cash Acme Multi-Cartridge EB-25 Pressure Regulator comes supplied with a pre-adjusted pressure set at the factory. Any adjustment to this pressure is easily accomplished by lifting the orange adjustment cap and twisting. The orange adjustment cap can be rotated counter clockwise to decrease pressure and clockwise to increase the pressure. The changes in pressure setting will be visible on the numeric indicator. All pressure adjustments can be made before or after the installation with great ease. Cash Acme is always pleased to assist with valve selection or installation requirements.


N/A Water
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